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Top Things To Do While Planning Your Customer And Employee Welcome Kit

 Welcome Packs For Employees and Clients


In this day and age of social media pervasiveness and ever increasing email interaction, choosing to welcome your client or a new employee with a personalized welcome kit is not just a great way to drowse out buyer's remorse but also an excellent client on-boarding step to build a long lasting relationship. We thought of summarizing some of our experiences that helped companies do this as effectively as possible. 


1. Choose Products Wisely & Add a Punch of Personalized Surprise! 

Let us begin by saying that personalization here does not necessarily mean just getting your client's name laser etched or embossed on the gifts inside the box. This can be hard particularly if you are treading on a tight budget or if the products are hard to be customized. There are several other ways of doing this. Writing a personalized thank you note is a great way to begin with. Here are some useful pins to get you started with this. Another way personalization can be achieved is by putting one thing in the box that is relevant directly either for client's brand or the client himself/herself. If you haven't found this one thing yet, we highly recommend spending some time researching your client's interests, hobbies etc. 


Personalized Hand Written Thank You Note



2. Advance Planing Makes Unit Economics Work & Execution Easy! 

The importance of this can never be overstated particularly if you have to stay confined within a certain budget. We will emphasize this all along the way simply because we see so many folks still struggling with this. List down how many on-boarding you expect to do at least for next six months if predicting it for the year is difficult and get cracking with shortlisting products. There will always be certain things that you might put in the welcome kit last minute but as much as possible ordering things in bulk helps. Will the gifts be hand-delivered or shipped- another crucial thing to figure out early as this will determine how sturdy your packing material has to get. 


How To Plan For Your Employee On-Boarding


3. Use Reusable Packing! 

This is highly recommended. Use packing materials such as soft cotton bags, canvas pouches, board boxes etc. and put a small note or imprint on the packing highlighting ways in which the packing can be re-used and not just thrown away. Hint- jewelry case, trousseau box, coin change collector etc. Haven't you seen so many of those nut-case boxes by Indigo Airlines put to use in so many in-genuine ways at home? :) Some of our clients continue to use the packing boxes from our curated leather box collection as desk storage boxes. For inspiration on packing ideas check out the Die-Line blog.

How To Plan For Your Customer Welcome Package


4. Get Your Client To Make Some Noise About Your Surprise Package

And finally, If your customers liked the welcome package you put together for them, gently asking them to tweet or put a social media post with a recognizable hashtag is not a bad idea. There is no reason why someone will put this request down if you have floored them with your gesture. Dayna Rothman at Everstring penned down a blog post immediately after receiving a welcome package from Vidyard creating shareable content which got this welcome gesture noticed. Another example we recall is the campaign #OperaCoastSurprise put together by folks at 5By7, where the recipients of a surprise package from Opera Software tweeted creating instant shareable content. Sounds just the right thing to do!

On-boarding New Clients and Employees 





April 26, 2016


Top Things To Perfect Your Email

1. Type The Killer Email Copy and Of-course The Subject! 

No brainer isn't it? So instead of preaching its importance, we are going to straight away list some useful resources on this one. In no order of importance: 

Some awesome email template generator. 

Excellent Compilation of On-Boarding/Customer Servicing Emails
We earlier reported this in our post.  

and this one is a total game changer.


2. Timing Of The Email

I recently had to send a follow up email to a prospect in a different time zone to I scheduled it to a time the prospect would report to desk as I wanted the email to be amongst the first ones she gets in the morning. Soon as I opened my email editor and inputed her email address, my Hubspot sales integrator (earlier Known as Sidekick) alerted me about her tweet announcing she was having a productive time at a conference in London. Because this email was just a follow up email (and not time critical) I held myself back from hitting the send button and scheduled for a few days later. I just did not see any value in bothering her in the middle of a conference, particularly since this was going to be a checking in email. I was sure my email would have gone unanswered. Choosing the right time to send an email has a massive upside. Chances of it getting opened are extremely high. Integrating intelligent email tools that instantly alert you of your prospect's social media updates is super helpful in not just timing your email but also altering the content to show your interest. We posted about the Sidekick tool a few days and highly recommend the free chrome plug-in it offers. 


3. Every Body Loves Humor, Go Ahead And GIF-IFY Your Email! 

While GIFs have been around for a very long time now, Facebook first went GIF friendly only around last year. Ever since then, GIFs usage in email copy exploded. Some brands have used them very effectively in communicating more about their products by incorporating them in email marketing. But only recently, GIFs emotional appeal is being used proactively in even personal emails and why not? They break the monotonicity of a simple text email, help capture the recipients attention and trust me on this one-  if the GIF is funny, it sure establishes that the sender has some sense of humor = Un-mistabkly a great way to break ice!  Our top pick to search for some awesome GIFs or even make one on your own is on Giphy.com



How Customer Experience Determines Your Marketing Communication

First Experience

You step out of a crowded station, airport or rapid transit exit and are in a rush to get that next connecting ride to your next point. The porters swarm upto you ready to offer the ride and you give in to the person who simply tags you at first sight. Or sometimes check quick rates with a few near ones, get an idea and quickly negotiate with a couple of others and stick to the one who readily nods to price you wish to pay. You have paid no attention whatsoever to the quality of the ride because you know that all the machines are the same. So you start your trek to the porter’s machine and find that the god damn ride is stuck in a massive crevasse of fellow porter machines which will easily take some time before it finds its way out. Thus begins the antagonizing wait. Some of you might just abandon that porter at this instant.


Lesson Learnt

So what do you do from next time onwards?. You get out of the station and spot the machine that is the widest distance possible and therefore not stuck in that crevasse and find the guy who is going to ride that machine. Getting access to the most nimble guy matters the 2nd time around. He/She was the farthest possible but you were okay walking that distance. Most importantly, you made an effort to find the guy, who may not necessarily have been the one thronging at your face the moment you got out of the station



You get all sorts of customers. Some belong to the “new guy” category and many to the second category a.k.a “the experienced shoppers”. Positioning yourself as the most nimble guy around is critically important to both the category but equally important is to find out the category to which the prospect belongs. If you are in a commodity business, communicating your nimbleness matters more to the prospect who is already aware about the pain they have to persist through by not choosing you (remind them what happened last time around they faced a problem). Let them pour their heart out. But no point harping the nimbleness in the face to a new guy for long though. Something else needs to the at the center of first experience you want to give them.

April 12, 2016


Agency › Marketing ›

Agency Insider- Monday April 11, 2016

Agency Insider is a hand-curated blog/newsletter with a simple mission - To bring the best and the most useful content with fresh ideas, productivity tools and thought provoking articles for marketing and event agencies. If you like what you read here, please consider forwarding it to your friends and helping us grow our mission. 

For the Agency Operations 

Every event attracts different kinds of visitors but categorizing these visitors and having a strategic plan to convert the visitors into brand champions is what marketers expect their agencies to fulfill. Cramer explains how to tactfully manage this process of categorization and conversion in its post The Four Types of Event Audiences.

Become a client-on boarding champion for your agency! Following a sound client on-boarding process and guidelines have as much an impact on customer happiness as they have on your agencies reputation. Get sound customer on-boarding tips for an agency by Jamie Oetting in her post The 6 Essential Steps of an Effective Client On-boarding Process


For The Agency Productivity

Distraction is productivity's biggest enemy. From an automated site blocker to an app that deletes everything if you stop writing, these tools will help you minimize your distractions while at work. Try out These Products Will Help You Get More Done

Here is a list of top gmail plugins to help you multi-talk between several client servicing & vendor management roles summarized in the post 10 Gmail Plugins That Make Agency Life Easier


For The Agency Culture 

Hard hitting deadlines equal lot of anxieties. But not all anxieties are created equal and therefore not all anxieties must be quashed in the same way. In an unconventional approach to tacking them, Daniel Burka, design partner at Google Ventures, highlights how his team put forward all their anxieties out in the open and addressed them in How “Anxiety Parties” made our team more vulnerable and more effective.




April 09, 2016


Agency › Marketing ›

Agency Insider- Friday April 8th 2016

Agency Insider is a hand-curated blog/newsletter with a simple mission - To bring the best and the most useful content with fresh ideas, productivity tools and thought provoking articles for marketing and event agencies. If you like what you read here, please consider forwarding it to your friends and helping us grow our mission. 


For The Agency Operations

1. This is by far the most searched topic amongst agency folks and Jami Oetting of Hubspot nails it while analyzing the profits lost to over-servicing clients, outlining ways to track project milestones and learning from past projects to avoid eroding your profit margins in How To Stop Overservicing & Protect Your Agency's Profit

2. Julius Solaris explains the pervasiveness of social media tools in events and highlights some of the best case practices of how event managers have made the most of it in making events more engaging in his book Social Media For Events 

 3. "How do we do this event differently this year?"  is a question many of you may currently be getting asked by your clients while charting out the event calendar for the new financial year. Rachel Andrews of Cvent lists down 4 time-tested strategies to bring innovation in recurring event in her post How to Successfully Plan a Recurring Event That’s Never the Same

For The Agency Work Culture 

3. "If you want to have a great agency, you need to pick great clients" comments M. Carpenter Arevalo in his post The One and Only Secret to Creating a Fantastic Marketing Agency, while sharing personal insights and observations of how his employees reacted positively to work from a client that they loved. 

4. This is a must see. In this hilarious infographic, folks at Digital Synopsis summarize the anatomy of an agency in A Closer Look At Agency People And Their Funny Habits


For The Agency Productivity

5.  Spending too much time finding that perfect email copy to reach out to clients, making up with an ex-client, or just following up on that "cold email"? We recommend this Email Template Generator Tool from Contactually. Great templates on demand! 



Top Must Use Tools for Rocking Sales in Startups

Startups are tough, incredibly tough! There is pressure, uncertainly and fear that can leave you sick in stomach, gasping for breath. This triggers the self feeding unproductive loop. Tools that can drive up your productivity a few notches up are more than welcome, especially if gives boost to the sales team.  If you are stuck in this flux, take a look at some of the tools that are incredibly beneficial for your sales team. Go ahead and given them a spin! 


1. I am sick of email bounce BACKS...!

Yes, that's true. All of us feel like this. Work incredibly hard in creating the email list only to find buried in a massive tonnage of email bounce backs. This awesome tool by Email Hunter has the fix. It aggregates all email addresses available on the internet for your target company and throws up results (that can be CSV exported) within seconds. At-least you get an accurate shot at the right email format! Give a shout out to the founders on their twitter here- @fgrante & @antoinefink
BonusDonut- once you build up the list trying validating the addresses at Kickbox


2. Writer's block i.e. I can't get to right...err...write..the perfect EMAIL COPY..! 

The Good Folks at the Good Email Copy created this "thank-god for this compilation" list; a summary of all great welcome/customer service/on-boarding emails etc. etc. that are sent by some of the most successful startups (& some soon to be successful).


3. TRACK your email's PERFORMANCE in real time..!

You built the perfect email list, wrote an amazing cold email copy. Now comes watching it how it performs. We're a big fan of Sidekick, a Hubspot sales tool that integrates with your gmail and even has a chrome plugin. This ain't snooping because everything is fair in the game of crushing your bottomline! 


4. Product videos are not the future anymore...they are the PRESENT! 

if our Facebook timelines are any of proof of this, then the future has arrived. Startups are shunning tons of text, presentations etc. and are adopting explainer videos to pitch themselves. Startup Videos & Hubspot has incredibly good collection of some of the best explainer videos out there. Shakr & Vidyard are two awesome tools to try out to speed up your explainer videos.  


5. Lastly, discover HOT COMPANIES to get them in your SALES FUNNEL..!  

We are going to end this right were the chase starts! Finding the right companies to go after. The usual wild goose chase begins with spending plenty of time on Techcrunch..Linkedin..CrunchBase and plethora of other sites.  Our top pick is Mattermark. This company has taken company discovery to whole new level with its coverage of startups, with data not just limited to funding but also around its growth metrics. Find out companies that are really growing fast enough to pay for your subscription. 





February 29, 2016


Every brand has a story

Like books, every company has a story to tell. There are brands that we are all familiar with, like Nike and Apple. But some companies are not so well-known, and it can be tricky presenting their corporate identity to potential customers. This is why B2B collaboration with the right services is important. For instance, 5By7 works with clients from the conceptualisation phase to the final production.


One of the most important factors in any business is how a company relates with their customers. There are companies that simply provide decent customer service when a technical problem arises, but the most successful companies engage their customer base. For example, if you’re at a conference listening to a speaker talk about a topic you’re not familiar with, it will be easy for you to tune out. You watch him walk back and forth across the stage simply hearing sounds come out his mouth, but you’re not understanding anything. His expression is the same and his voice is flat. Is this someone who stimulates your mind? You would probably fall asleep in a matter of minutes. As a company, you don’t want to lose your audience’s attention.


So how can companies engage their audience and tell their story? Through eye-catching presentation materials and effective copywriting, companies can articulate their brand identity more effectively than any other method. Simply put, good communication with the audience will allow you to stand out among your competition.


For example, we recently worked with Audi. They were looking for a turnkey solution partner for their Audi Sports Club program. We answered their call-to-action and designed welcome kits that highlighted their brand identity as one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Using beautiful photographs and smart graphic design, we were able to collaborate with Audi from production to fulfillment. By presenting these welcome kits to their client base, they engaged their audience that far exceeded simple customer relations.


When companies like Audi go beyond traditional marketing, they are able to tell their story and communicate with customers in a much more dynamic way.