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Agency Insider- Friday April 8th 2016

Agency Insider is a hand-curated blog/newsletter with a simple mission - To bring the best and the most useful content with fresh ideas, productivity tools and thought provoking articles for marketing and event agencies. If you like what you read here, please consider forwarding it to your friends and helping us grow our mission. 


For The Agency Operations

1. This is by far the most searched topic amongst agency folks and Jami Oetting of Hubspot nails it while analyzing the profits lost to over-servicing clients, outlining ways to track project milestones and learning from past projects to avoid eroding your profit margins in How To Stop Overservicing & Protect Your Agency's Profit

2. Julius Solaris explains the pervasiveness of social media tools in events and highlights some of the best case practices of how event managers have made the most of it in making events more engaging in his book Social Media For Events 

 3. "How do we do this event differently this year?"  is a question many of you may currently be getting asked by your clients while charting out the event calendar for the new financial year. Rachel Andrews of Cvent lists down 4 time-tested strategies to bring innovation in recurring event in her post How to Successfully Plan a Recurring Event That’s Never the Same

For The Agency Work Culture 

3. "If you want to have a great agency, you need to pick great clients" comments M. Carpenter Arevalo in his post The One and Only Secret to Creating a Fantastic Marketing Agency, while sharing personal insights and observations of how his employees reacted positively to work from a client that they loved. 

4. This is a must see. In this hilarious infographic, folks at Digital Synopsis summarize the anatomy of an agency in A Closer Look At Agency People And Their Funny Habits


For The Agency Productivity

5.  Spending too much time finding that perfect email copy to reach out to clients, making up with an ex-client, or just following up on that "cold email"? We recommend this Email Template Generator Tool from Contactually. Great templates on demand! 



Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar


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