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Agency Insider- Monday April 11, 2016

Agency Insider is a hand-curated blog/newsletter with a simple mission - To bring the best and the most useful content with fresh ideas, productivity tools and thought provoking articles for marketing and event agencies. If you like what you read here, please consider forwarding it to your friends and helping us grow our mission. 

For the Agency Operations 

Every event attracts different kinds of visitors but categorizing these visitors and having a strategic plan to convert the visitors into brand champions is what marketers expect their agencies to fulfill. Cramer explains how to tactfully manage this process of categorization and conversion in its post The Four Types of Event Audiences.

Become a client-on boarding champion for your agency! Following a sound client on-boarding process and guidelines have as much an impact on customer happiness as they have on your agencies reputation. Get sound customer on-boarding tips for an agency by Jamie Oetting in her post The 6 Essential Steps of an Effective Client On-boarding Process


For The Agency Productivity

Distraction is productivity's biggest enemy. From an automated site blocker to an app that deletes everything if you stop writing, these tools will help you minimize your distractions while at work. Try out These Products Will Help You Get More Done

Here is a list of top gmail plugins to help you multi-talk between several client servicing & vendor management roles summarized in the post 10 Gmail Plugins That Make Agency Life Easier


For The Agency Culture 

Hard hitting deadlines equal lot of anxieties. But not all anxieties are created equal and therefore not all anxieties must be quashed in the same way. In an unconventional approach to tacking them, Daniel Burka, design partner at Google Ventures, highlights how his team put forward all their anxieties out in the open and addressed them in How “Anxiety Parties” made our team more vulnerable and more effective.




Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar


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