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How Customer Experience Determines Your Marketing Communication

First Experience

You step out of a crowded station, airport or rapid transit exit and are in a rush to get that next connecting ride to your next point. The porters swarm upto you ready to offer the ride and you give in to the person who simply tags you at first sight. Or sometimes check quick rates with a few near ones, get an idea and quickly negotiate with a couple of others and stick to the one who readily nods to price you wish to pay. You have paid no attention whatsoever to the quality of the ride because you know that all the machines are the same. So you start your trek to the porter’s machine and find that the god damn ride is stuck in a massive crevasse of fellow porter machines which will easily take some time before it finds its way out. Thus begins the antagonizing wait. Some of you might just abandon that porter at this instant.


Lesson Learnt

So what do you do from next time onwards?. You get out of the station and spot the machine that is the widest distance possible and therefore not stuck in that crevasse and find the guy who is going to ride that machine. Getting access to the most nimble guy matters the 2nd time around. He/She was the farthest possible but you were okay walking that distance. Most importantly, you made an effort to find the guy, who may not necessarily have been the one thronging at your face the moment you got out of the station



You get all sorts of customers. Some belong to the “new guy” category and many to the second category a.k.a “the experienced shoppers”. Positioning yourself as the most nimble guy around is critically important to both the category but equally important is to find out the category to which the prospect belongs. If you are in a commodity business, communicating your nimbleness matters more to the prospect who is already aware about the pain they have to persist through by not choosing you (remind them what happened last time around they faced a problem). Let them pour their heart out. But no point harping the nimbleness in the face to a new guy for long though. Something else needs to the at the center of first experience you want to give them.

Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar


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