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7 Most Creative Corporate Gifts We Produced

Mar 25, Sneha Virmani | 2 min read

We're obsessed with creating customized gifts that truly represent the brand it carries; brand harmony after all now is the next level to brand consistency. Here are some of the projects we did that are our picks for the most creative promotional gifts we did in recent months. 


Customised Mouse Pad

Toni Mouse-pad for Netapp

A promotional product that IT professionals can use every day and looks premium, our Toni Mouse-pad did the job well.


Custom Logo Backpack

Toni Backpack for Schneider Electric

Elegant design and matt finish materials make this for a neat promotional gift


Customised Sports Cap

Baseball Cap for Rolex

Precision embroidery produced as a concept with the details of the brand planned to the tee. 


Custom Leather Bag

Leather Bag & Wallet for Grey Goose 

The details on the product including the pattern were designed keeping the Grey Goose affluent customer and brand.


Blue Suede Diary for Corteva

Brand blue suede finish diary produced for the newest Fortune 100 company on the block.


Customised shot glass

Copper Shot Glass for Jameson 

The Jameson copper shot glass; staying true to the Jameson brand of unique well-crafted products.


Mobile Logo Tag Wire

Mobile Tag Wire for Paul John

The tag mobile wire has big enough branding space and handy for charging both Android and Apple devices.


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Sneha Virmani

I am a writer and professional content strategist. I have a passion for storytelling and always try to incorporate original ideas in my work. I write blog posts on sales strategies, marketing trends, product descriptions and social media optimization.
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