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Every brand has a story

Like books, every company has a story to tell. There are brands that we are all familiar with, like Nike and Apple. But some companies are not so well-known, and it can be tricky presenting their corporate identity to potential customers. This is why B2B collaboration with the right services is important. For instance, 5By7 works with clients from the conceptualisation phase to the final production.


One of the most important factors in any business is how a company relates with their customers. There are companies that simply provide decent customer service when a technical problem arises, but the most successful companies engage their customer base. For example, if you’re at a conference listening to a speaker talk about a topic you’re not familiar with, it will be easy for you to tune out. You watch him walk back and forth across the stage simply hearing sounds come out his mouth, but you’re not understanding anything. His expression is the same and his voice is flat. Is this someone who stimulates your mind? You would probably fall asleep in a matter of minutes. As a company, you don’t want to lose your audience’s attention.


So how can companies engage their audience and tell their story? Through eye-catching presentation materials and effective copywriting, companies can articulate their brand identity more effectively than any other method. Simply put, good communication with the audience will allow you to stand out among your competition.


For example, we recently worked with Audi. They were looking for a turnkey solution partner for their Audi Sports Club program. We answered their call-to-action and designed welcome kits that highlighted their brand identity as one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Using beautiful photographs and smart graphic design, we were able to collaborate with Audi from production to fulfillment. By presenting these welcome kits to their client base, they engaged their audience that far exceeded simple customer relations.


When companies like Audi go beyond traditional marketing, they are able to tell their story and communicate with customers in a much more dynamic way.

Piyush Suri
Piyush Suri


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