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Busting 5 Myths About Promotional Products

Dec 17, Sneha Virmani | 4 min read

Often marketers face the dilemma of 'to send or not to send' promotional corporate gifts to their clients. They are hugely popular but bear the risk of being what the industry calls ‘blatantly in the face’. Since the purpose of promotional gifts is to boost brand awareness, they serve the cause. But besides this, some myths are floating around the purpose of these corporate gifts.

A market with a combined estimated value of INR 250,000 crore (corporate and personal), corporate gifting in India is growing over 200% pa! So it is only natural to bust these myths and maximize the potential of these corporate gifts in your business:

Myth 1: Promotional Products Are Not Relevant

Today one of the most common myths around promotional gifting is that no one uses them anymore. Yet surprisingly, 81% of customers have ranked usage as its top feature. Promotional corporate gifts have an excellent return on value, as long as you implement the correct strategy of gift-giving. Instead of giving a stereotypical pen, opt for branded swag like a silicon bottle opener. Customize this durable product with brand colours and a logo for maximum brand visibility. 

Branded Bottle Opener

Myth 2: Promotional Corporate Gifts Are Repetitive and Boring

Since the concept of promotional products has been in existence for a very long time, marketers often think their options have been exhausted. Contrary to the belief, promotional products are evolving with new and innovative designs each day. A set of wooden round coasters embossed with a brand logo is unique and spreads charm that boring corporate diaries lack.  

wooden coaster

Myth 3: Well-Designed and Premium Gifts are Expensive 

Wrong. There is a wide range of price options available for promotional merchandise. If you have a limited budget, look for cheaper alternatives instead of low-quality ones. The key here is to narrow your target audience first. Millennials within the age gap of 21 to 34 are happy even with a low cost, but a useful product like a branded reusable coffee cup or a power bank. 53% of these consumers admit to using these promotional gifts at least once a week.

Branded Coffee Mug

Myth 4: Promotional Marketing is Not as Effective as Other Marketing Methods 

False. 71% of receivers admit to remembering the name of the brand from which they have received regular promotional corporate gifts. While 51% have admitted to doing business with a brand after receiving a promotional gift from them. A branded promotional corporate gift is as effective as any other marketing tactic because unlike bulk giveaways, promotional gifting can be done to tap into a narrow market. It will make your impact more memorable while infusing extra brand value to your product.

Myth 5: Promotional Gifts Hardly Drive Brand Awareness

As a marketer in today’s fast-paced world, never underestimate the power of a good promotional corporate gift. Because when you cannot afford to spend limitless money on advertising through print or media, this is a great alternative. Corporate gifting is an investment that drives guaranteed returns. 81% of the audience has attested that corporate gifts gave them a positive impression of the brand and added to their customer experience journey.

Branded Water Bottle

Final Takeaway

To conclude, it is safe to say that despite these myths promotional merchandise are a clever tool in a marketer’s bag. Using products that stand out will leverage your brand in the market. And here, 5By7 can help curate innovative promotional merchandise and business gifts befitting your industry's needs and brand budget.


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Sneha Virmani

Content Creator, Strategist and Storyteller at 5By7. I write about Marketing Ideas, Growth Hacks and Consumer Behaviour to help brands create a more engaging relationship with their audiences.

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