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Create Brand Stickiness The Right Way With Custom USB Flash Drives

Jan 04, Sneha Virmani | 3 min read

Promotional merchandise when done right has the power to deliver a higher or equal ROI like most conventional forms of advertising. However, it can also go horribly wrong if it misses the brief to ‘target consumers effectively’. Since 89% of consumers have admitted to keeping a branded promotional merchandise for more than a year, one thing is certain, they have a high impact range. So what is that one product that guarantees success? The answer is USBs- functional, versatile and stylish these small yet magical pieces make excellent branded giveaways at events and fairs. Here’s how to improvise and choose from the best of best:

Metal Pen Drive


Metal Pendrive

Consumers like to receive promotional merchandise, but as a brand, you have to think about usefulness. Consider the longevity of a product that makes a significant long-term impact. The metal pen drive is simple, chic and aesthetically appealing. Available in a range of capacities, this USB enables its receiver to enjoy secure and fast data transfer anywhere in the world. Customize it with a logo and extend your advertising reach in a way cold calls could never do!

Pen Drive With Stylus


Pendrive cum Stylus

A relatively small investment that directly correlates with increased brand recognition and sales, the multifunctional bottle pen drive with a stylus is a flaunt worth giveaway. A promotional gift like this creates a positive impact on the business and boosts productivity for a busy professional on the move. Customize and use it as an effective branding tool at events and fairs.

Wristband USB


Promotional Wristband USB

Did you know trendy and useful promotional products can change a consumer's behaviour to an extent that they would be willing to shift their preferred brand for freebies! Your target audience plays a huge role in defining what your merchandise should be. The wristband USB is an ideal giveaway to the new-age millennial workforce who have a soft spot for wearable gadgets. Available in a variety of colours, the wristband USB can be customized with a logo and given at corporate sports events for an influential impact on the audience.

Eco-Friendly Pendrive


Eco-Friendly Pendrive

Tactile brand marketing has a lasting impression, but using sustainable materials to do so significantly increases its value. A medium to show customers that your brand cares about the environment can bring a whole new bandwidth of audiences who support the cause. This eco-friendly pendrive made using recyclable material ensures both performance and durability. Easy to customize, use this chic USB as a beneficial branding tool when targeting a specific crowd.

Square Pendrive


Square Pendrive

While impact and usefulness are key measures when choosing promotional merchandise, likeability is equally important. 83% of consumers are willing to try a new brand if the promotional freebie is unique and compelling. Reason enough right? This square pendrive meets the brief perfectly! Its one-of-a-kind square shape ensures style, sturdy metal chain keep keys in place and capacity variations enable easy data transfer. Customize it with a logo and reach your marketing goals with this budget-friendly corporate gift.

Promotional merchandise is more than just free stuff brands giveaway. They create a powerful image of the brand that sends a message of trust and likeability to the consumers. Customized USB flash drives are fail-safe giveaways that boost brand visibility. Check out more options here.

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Sneha Virmani



April 04, 2020

pen drive
That is what, I am looking for. Thank you for posting such articles.

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December 09, 2019

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Thanks for sharing this imformation


November 22, 2019

Great post! Thanks for sharing very powerful post.

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