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Marketing Top 5 / Week 3 Nov

Nov 20, Piyush Suri | 1 min read

Two Things You Should Focus On Instead of Social Media
Funny insightful take on building a connection. 
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3 Cognitive Biases for Marketing — Leveraging the way the human brain works to drive sales.

The human science behind achieving better marketing results. 
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Top 5 Marketing Trends For CMOs And Entrepreneurs In 2019

Forbe's take on the marketing trends to watch out for. 
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5 Reasons to Use ABM (Account-Based Marketing) to Boost Your Sales

Crisp and clear strategy to implement account-based sales tactic. 
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This New Company Has an Astonishing Twist on Luxury Brands Like Prada and Gucci. Here's Why It Could Be Brilliant

A new quality focussed brand's story away from the hype building. 

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Piyush Suri

CEO & Chief Storyteller of 5By7. I write about Marketing Ideas, B2B Sales Tactics & Growth Strategies to help people build long-lasting & engaging brands.
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