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Corporate Gifts Mumbai

Corporate Gifts Mumbai


5By7’s mission is to change corporate gifting in Mumbai forever by creating and curating stunning promotional products with speed and excellence. Corporate gifting Mumbai is a curious phrase. Everything “corporate” sounds standardised, objective and formal. Anything “gifting” related sounds fun, personal and customised.

Every year like clockwork, at Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali, households across Mumbai are flooded with gifts of Modaks and dry fruits from corporates.

And again at the end of the very same year, the same households are littered with a hundred identical wall calendars, diaries and ball-point pens so cheap their corporate logos are already faded when they arrive from well-meaning businesses.

However, gifts worth tens of thousands of rupees each hardly a feasible alternative either. Local as well as large businesses in Mumbai often have limited marketing budgets and high volume requirements. To complicate matters further, local vendors of corporate gifts in Mumbai can be slow to deliver and unimaginative in their execution.

Our mission is to create and curate remarkable products with speed and excellence. Along with an international presence stretching from India to France, we have a culturally sensitive understanding of commerce in Mumbai. Our customised promotional items connect brands on a personal level with their audiences.

Audi, Hyatt and the Rajya Sabha are among the 100+ distinguished partners using our products to show their audiences how much they value them. We truly love every unique gift we have curated above for you and hope you will too.