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About this product
With pollution levels soaring in metro cities in India, it is important to protect employees against harmful pollutants which do not just cause long term damage to our well-being but also create infections and seasonal cough often leading to low productivity amongst employees. Introducing our latest innovation, AIRMASK - an engineered 4-layer mask that not only protects you from particulate matter (pollution) but also kills common infection germs and blocks allergies arising from dust, pollen etc. The unique technology has been tested in accredited labs in Singapore, Switzerland, Germany and India. The product has been designed keeping in mind the harsh environment the and pollutions that we are exposed to due to combustion fumes as well construction residue in residential and commercial areas. It's unique multiple layers each of which provides you protection against pollutions ,odor and germs- thus keeping you safe. For effective result, it is recommended that the mask is used at all times when you are outdoor.

• Antimicrobial Outer and Inner layer • Activated Carbon • N99 filter • Made with premium cotton to ensure comfort, safety & easy of use • Lightweight • Nose clip • Ear loop • Valve for easy exhalation


Weight : 0.08 kg

Customisation : No

Packaging : Blister Pack

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