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  • Kiwi Box K4
  • Kiwi Box K4
  • Kiwi Box K4

Kiwi Box K4

in Chargers & Accessories

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About this product
The KIWI BOX is a desk charging station for electronic devices and smartphones that can charge up to 6 electronic and phone devices with the use of a single power cable. This unique gadget gift idea has interchangeable heads, compatible with all smartphone devices to be found on the market. The KIWI BOX is a great desktop gift idea for use wherever the need for recharging might crop up. Furthermore, it can be personalized and given, for instance, as a business gift using the logo of your choice  or simply as a personal or family gift.

• Feature: Max connectors: 4 + 2 USB • Input: 5V/3A • Output: 5V/3A • Max Connectors: 2~4 • Temperature: 20℃~60℃ • Warranty: 2 years


Size : 2.6cm x 16 cm

Weight : 0.8 kg

Packaging : Retail Box

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