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  • Perfect S Bonsai Plant
  • Perfect S Bonsai Plant

Perfect S Bonsai Plant

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About this product
Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art of using miniature trees grown in a container. Bonsai trees symbolize peace, balance and harmony and are rare and beautiful trees to behold. Bonsai trees not only work as an attractive conversation piece, but also benefit for your health in many ways. Growing and tending a Bonsai is a great hobby and a wonderful stress reliever. They also purify the air in your room and office and help fight fatigue, coughs and sore throats. The evergreen Ficus Bonsai is a great indoor plant and a gem for all kinds of beginners. Our R&D team at Nurturing Green travel across the world to bring to you exotic, artistic and rare "S" and "I" shaped Bonsai which Enhance the aesthetics of any room. It goes without saying that the older a tree, the more valuable it will become. This 5 year old Bonsai in our attractive boat shaped textured white ceramic pot makes it an appealing way to add green to your homes and offices.. A gift that symbolizes strength, maturity, adaptability. This perfectly S shaped Bonsai is a conversation piece everyone would love to talk about.

5 years old S-Shaped Ficus Bonsai. Scientifically proven to be a stress buster. Caramel Jute Pot. Semi Indoor Plant. An evergreen plant to add to your homes and offices. A gift to make lasting impressions. Pot Material - Ceramic


Size : Plant Height- 25.4 Pot Lenght-30.48, Pot Width - 8.89 cm

Weight : 3 kg

Customisation : Sticker

Packaging : Corrugated Box

Supply : Fluctuating

Quality : High

Brand Mark : No

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