about us

Work in progress

In 2007; on my first day after work, I fatefully bumped into the only person I ‘knew’ who lived in NYC.


“Yeah” he looked up confused, trying to place me

“Piyush. We met at Natcong” reminding him of the AIESEC conference

“Oh right”

< More small talk >

“Let’s get a drink soon” how most conversations end in the Big Apple

client's image

Boat basin, April 2008

office's image

Office View, 2007

We did get that drink. And then some more.

“Are you sure you want to leave this office & go back to India?”

My dad exclaimed, when I took him around my 33rd Floor office in the centre of mid-town Manhattan.

“Don’t worry Dad, I want to move to the next challenge”

Founded by Ripun Jai Mehta & I (Piyush Suri) in 2009. Rahul Kumar was with us from the start.

Ripun to Me & Rahul 15 Jan, 2009

how does colourcurve sound? the domain is available too...


It was rare opportunity to be a co-founder with Ripun and I grabbed it with both hands. I was naive, under-prepared & too eager when we started. Like all first time founders, I have made many mistakes and paid my dues. 12 years of hustling and managing one sh*t-storm after another - I am just warming up.

's image

CEO & Serial Founder / Branding Nerd / Driving Engagements for Fortune-1000 Brands


While Ripun doesn’t hold an active position in the company, his business acumen and personal values is what we built this company on. He is the alternate voice in my head, the yin to my yang and while he torments with numbers often; I couldn't have asked for a better partner.

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Co-Founder at 5by7 / Managing Partner at Novistra Captial / Serial Entrepreneur

our team

While most of our team is based in New Delhi, we are open to bringing on board people anywhere in the world. We are truly a distributed global company. Our current team size is 25, with additional interns rotating any given time.

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In 12 years since, we have sold logo design, printed business cards, formatted PPT reports, worked with African artists to paint on Ostrich eggs, sold sand for an influencer campaign, designed e-commerce stores and more.

It’s been chaotic, I won’t lie.

But we’re here, we have fueled our growth from nothing, we nurture each relationship, we are dependable and most importantly we creatively solve problems with design.

our purpose

Create design dividend for everyone

Design is at the core of why we exist. We want to create sustainable, long term value for all stakeholders using design.

our values

Go slower to go higher

Do more with less. We have always been a team to achieve growth with meagre resources.

Work Like an Artist

Recognise the beauty of focussing on your craft, learning new things, honing it with every stroke and being proud of the outcome.

Drive the Hustle

Self-driven proactive approach to solve problems, self-motivation to create motivation for others.

Anticipate the Ask

Practice lateral thinking. The ‘what next’ approach to present a solution before it is asked for.

Prosper Together

Create wealth, health and happiness for the team to flourish together.

Our biggest achievement has been the company culture we have cultivated. Culture is the unsaid, invisible force that is the glue to our joint effort for achieving our mission.

culture manifesto

together as one

We play together, driven by a single mission and putting our values in action every day and every step of the way.


We invest in each other’s trust and work hard to keep it. We give freedom to each other to make the right decisions.


Our working style constantly pushes the bar for productivity by fostering collaboration & constantly upgrading our team collab-stack.


Our team is distributed across the world. We have office based roles, flexible working hours program and work-from-anywhere (not just home) options.

personal growth

Our annual goals are not just about our mission but also about how we learn and develop ourselves.

mentor mapping

We facilitate mentorships from external industry professionals. We believe having a coach makes all the difference in performance.

in-house leadership

We want to nurture and groom our leaders and not hire them from outside alone. We want to invest in growth for our people so they can make our company grow.

inspired space

We want to build a comfortable and productive work environment which inspires great work.

We are not a unicorn, we are a camel. We are resilient, always in forward motion and making slow endless progress.